The Apple IPhone – Next Mass Object of Desire

The Apple IPhone ( the company has dropped the word “Computer” from its corporate name) is the upcoming Mass Object of Desire (MOD) for Filipinos. Its hefty price tag of US$499 (for the 4 gigabytes model) to US$599 (for 8 gigabytes) is of no moment. Pinoy consumers, particularly affluent teens and young professionals who are tech savvy and have large disposable incomes, will find ways and means to acquire the next big bling. New smartphones from well-entrenched brands like Nokia and Samsung retail for as much or even more in the Philippines and are selling briskly.

The IPhone combines the music and video functions of an iPod with the communication functions of a smartphone. It is 11.6 millimeters thin and has a 8.9 centimeter screen. Instead of a scroll wheel, users will navigate through their files and perform tasks via the touch-sensitive screen. Calls can be made on a virtual keyboard that pops up onscreen as needed. For the moment, content can will have to be uploaded from users’ computers as Apple had yet to finalize licensing agreements with music labels and other content providers to sell their wares on the IPhone. However, Apple made sure that it had the cooperation of Google and Yahoo to bring popular internet features like Yahoo Mail and Gmail to the product.

There are no earth-shaking innovations or features in the IPhone. However, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is so confident of his market position that he predicts the IPhone will have the same impact as the Macintosh PC and the iPod. At least 10 million IPhones are expected to be sold within the next two years.

There’s an IPhone in your future.

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