Alan Cayetano’s 45-day Suspension a Boon to his Candidacy

House Deputy Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano was suspended for a period of 45 days Tuesday by the ethics committee of the House of Representatives for “improper conduct and unparliamentary behavior” for allegedly accusing without proper proof the First Family of keeping millions of dollars in a German bank. Overall, the whole sorry affair proved to be a boost to his candidacy. As pointed out by the Inquirer, all the publicity he is getting couldn’t hurt his chances of joining his sister Pia in the Senate after the May elections.

Moreover, he is now perceived as victim of the vindictiveness of the First Family, whose members initiated the expulsion case against him. This will surely win him sympathy votes. As of today, he has consistently landed in the top five in all the surveys.

Few believed he would actually be expelled from Congress. No matter how subservient the members of the House are to the Palace, the craven congressmen did not want to set a precedent which might later be also used against them. Expulsion would have meant that they themselves might face the same punishment in the future.

And the suspension can hardly be considered a blot on his record. In fact, the whole thing having been railroaded by Malacanang, his suspension is a badge of honor. He can now use the free time to prepare for the May elections instead of being dragged down by the endless mudslinging in and out of Congress. Alan has a good chance of making it too, if the elections are fair and honest. Which is like hoping for the moon. Malacanang will do everything, and then some, to keep him from sitting in the Senate.

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