Cayetano Target of Special Operations

Senatorial candidate Alan Peter Cayetano, lately the focus of First Dude Mike Arroyo’s volcanic ire, appears to be the target of “special ops” reportedly orchestrated by the Palace. Another Cayetano has filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) for senator, a certain “Joselito Pepito Cayetano”, who now threatens to sabotage Alan’s run for the senate. Ballots marked “Cayetano”, without giving a first name, will not be credited to either and will be considered “spoiled”. In his COC, Pepito lists his nickname as “Peter”. Thus, ballots marked as “Peter Cayetano” will also be spoiled. Spoiler Pepito certainly is, as he seems to have emerged from nowhere to throw his hat in the national political arena.

According to Alan’s close adviser, a check on the background of Joselito Pepito shows that he is not a Marine Engineer, as he claims in the documents filed with the COMELEC, but is a casual laborer in the Davao City piers. He was known by his nickname “Jojo” and lived in a squatter colony near the pier until a week or so ago, when he and his family were whisked away by a van, never to be seen again. According to Pepito’s former neighbors, the Barangay Chairman, or barrio head, was instrumental in helping Pepito relocate to parts unknown. For this reason, the residents of the area are fearful of revealing what they know of Pepito and how his life took a sudden turn (for good or ill ?) by the fortuitous circumstance of having the same surname as Alan.

The COMELEC may immediately disqualify Pepito since he seems to be a nuisance candidate who is unable to wage a credible national campaign. But I heard in a radio report (true?) that the COMELEC has allowed Pepito’s candidacy to proceed since he has been endorsed by the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL), the late Ferdie Marcos’ political party.
Huh ? The KBL ? As a national political force, the KBL has been as dead as Marcos for the past 23 years, if not longer, even preceding its founder’s demise.

Alan’s camp may file a petition to disqualify Pepito but this may not be resolved before the elections, with the usual COMELEC foot-dragging. By then it would be too late. The case of the late Bobit Sanchez, former Secretary of Labor, comes to mind. This same dirty tactic was used against him and the COMELEC could do nothing.

But the most hapless victim of this whole sorry situation, aside from the Filipino people, would be Pepito. Participants and witnesses to special ops, as any Ludlum fan or conspiracy nut knows, are ALWAYS marked for liquidation. After the elections, what would become of him and his family ?

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