Burger Kings Raises the Service Bar with Free Massage

Burger King has re-defined the meaning of customer satisfaction by giving free arm/hand massages to its customers. Coming from a court hearing this morning, I passed by the Burger King outlet along Quezon Avenue, near the Welcome Rotonda in Q.C., for a quick bite. As i sat down with my burger, a friendly lady in red approached me and asked if I wanted a hand and arm massage. Her Burger King name plate read ‘therapist’. Well why not ? A freebie is a freebie.

She left me with my snack and after I was done, returned with small bottles of gel disinfectant and massage oil and proceeded to knead me at the table. She was good too, properly trained with the certificate to prove it, with just the right strong-but-gentle touch. It took her 5-10 minutes to work each appendage, during which I had a chance to chat her up. Burger King hired her to do just that, massage customers in the most literal sense, and she has been doing this since March 2007. She has her regular customers who come in daily for a sandwich and a rub. I asked for a foot massage but she graciously declined in order not to ruin the other customers’ appetites.

Whoever thought of this should be given an award at the next Burger King employees’ recognition night. A burger joint cum spa. I left the place with a smile. Just the thing to take the edge off the mid-day traffic as I drove back to the office.

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