Theft in Greenbelt

I want to vent about a theft which happened in Greenbelt about a month or so ago, when my sister lost her purse to thieves in Café Bola. In it were money, credit cards, I.D.s, driver’s licenses (for here and elsewhere) and such other things which women, by some stroke of genius, are able to cram into their bags. Thus, was ruined a long-planned for vacation, as the following weeks were spent going through the usual bureaucratic maze in a frantic bid to replace the lost items.

I pointed out to my sister that she was probably still in Singapore mode, having moved there a year ago. She sadly agreed, as she used to go to Divisoria during the Christmas rush without losing anything except, at times, her composure. But this doesn’t excuse the gross negligence and indifference of the Café Bola staff and the Greenbelt security personnel who gave a collective shrug when confronted with the crime. In this the restaurant lived up to its name, as one lame excuse after another was given to rationalize the laxness of its security.

The police, not surprisingly, were worse than useless.

There will be more cases of theft in Greenbelt in the days to come, simply because of Sutton’s Law. Prolific bank robber Willie Sutton, when asked why he kept robbing banks, reportedly answered “Because that’s where the money is”. Greenbelt, which bills itself “the country’s first lifestyle center”, attracts an affluent crowd. It’s a shame its security procedures are not up to par.

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