The 28th Manila International Book Fair and a rant

The recent 28th Manila International Book Fair held at the grandiosely-named World Trade Center (no similarity to the late, lamented New York WTC) was a resounding success, judging by the crowds. Now I have even more books that I never find the time to read.

I have to vent, though, about something that has been bugging me for years but which I somehow never found the opportunity to rant about until I started a blog. I am talking about the price stickers on the books we buy.

Powerbooks and National Bookstore — this concerns you. So pay attention.

I am the kind of reader who cannot start on a book unless I remove the price sticker- ever so carefully and slooowly, so as not to damage the book. This how much I love and respect my beloved books. Apparently, the same respect is not shared by mammoth retailers Powerbooks and National Bookstore, which is strange as books are purportedly their bread and butter. Their price stickers are impossible to remove and seem to be stuck on by some sinister superglue. It takes concentration and effort to remove those damn stickers. More likely than not, you tear or dirty up the covers of your new book. And this problem is acute only in sister companies National and Powerbooks, as other major retailers have shown some consideration for their customers by placing easily removable stickers.

What gives, National and Powerbooks ?

I suspect these big chains are trying to save on costs by placing cheap and hellishly adhesive (and possibly toxic) stickers on their merchandise. And their customers be damned. Its their problem for buying the books in the first place. And besides, they’ve already forked over their hard-earned money.

Well, I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. If things don’t change and fast, I am going to start a boycott of these inconsiderate retailing monsters. My millions of minions on the web will back me up on this, won’t you guys ?

There, I feel better already.

3 thoughts on “The 28th Manila International Book Fair and a rant”

  1. Hear, hear! I hate those stickers too, and try to remove them as soon as I get the books (the longer the stay on the book, the harder they are to take off). It horrifies me, all the time, to see the price tags UNDER the plastic and on the book, instead of ON the plastic where they should be. It’s not like you can swap plastics between books, right? The plastic is there for a reason!

    Another thing I disliked about National and Powerbooks in the book fair was how they kept their books and comics out of their plastic for the duration of the event. A lot of the books and comics got damaged because of careless browsers, when only a sample of each book should have been subjected to the abuse. Their inefficiency with their merchandise is disappointing. Do they not care?

  2. Argh, I know exactly how you feel. It also annoys me how their books are covered with plastic but the price tag is INSIDE, not on the plastic, where it would’ve been easier to get rid of. Boo. 🙁

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