Michigan Must Win for Romney, Democrats Girding for Protracted Battle

For the Republicans, Michigan might be the turning point of the race for the presidential nomination. A loss here would likely deal a grave, if not fatal, blow to the aspirations of Mitt Romney, who was born and grew up in the state bordered by the Great Lakes and whose father was once a popular governor.

Mr. Romney has been quoted as saying:

“It’s personal for me because it’s where I was born and raised. We’re going to make sure this state gets on the move again. I care about Michigan. For me, it’s personal. “

On the Democratic camp, both the Obama and Clinton camps are consolidating forces for the lead up to February 5, where 22 states will vote. It will be a close fight, with neither candidate sure of sewing up any of the major states, like California, New Jersey and even New York, which Mrs. Clinton represents in the senate. The Democratic candidates are not actively campaigning in Michigan – the party has put sanctions on the state for holding its primary earlier than the party wanted –and it could go either way, with independent voters possibly even moving towards the republican contest. Thus, the immediate focus of both the Clinton and Obama campaigns is the Nevada caucuses on Jan. 19, where they are evenly matched.

Proof of the intensity of the contest is that Hillary is making an effort to win delegates in certain congressional districts in Obama’s home state, Illinois, while Mr. Obama is making a similar effort in New York. Any gain by either in the other’s political territories would boost their prestige and perceived winnability, and would at the least, cause acute embarrassment to the opposing candidate.

The Democratic race is exciting, as it is predicted to be a fierce slugfest that will go the full distance. The winner will very likely be the next President of the U.S.

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