Super Bowl Sunday Eclipses Super Tuesday

Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup (early Monday morning in Manila) between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants is certainly of more interest to more people (an estimated 90-140 million t.v. viewers) than Super Tuesday, when a record 24 states will hold primaries and caucuses to determine the candidates for the next President of the United States.

Football will trump politics anytime, and Super Bowl XLII promises to live up to all the hype and hoopla, with the undefeated Patriots (18-0) going against the upstart underdog Giants (13-6).

As I write this, the Giants drew first blood with a field goal, making it 3-0. But the Patriots soon rushed for a touchdown, courtesy of Laurence Maroney, and the score is 7-3, Pats.

New England, led by superstar quarterback Tom Brady, has had a perfect season, and is on the verge of making history if it wins, achieving an unprecedented 19-0 winning season. The Giants would also make history, by stopping the “perfect” Patriots. But its fun to root for the underdog, for those with no affiliation to either team.

The Pats, with their three best players playing their best seasons ever, are the clear favorites. Wide receiver Randy Moss has had a record 23 touchdowns this season, with receiver Wes Welker taking up the slack on Moss’ off days.

But miracles can happen. The Giants lost to the Patriots by a mere 3 points during the last game of 2007 last December 30, holding a 12-0 lead before eventually bowing to the Brady Bunch, 38-35.

Meanwhile, back on the political front, John McCain is gaining momentum as Mitt Romney scrambles to stay alive. California Gov. Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger has endorsed McCain, giving him an edge in one of the biggest states.

My fearless forecast is the Giants by a whisker and McCain for the Republican nomination. The Democratic contest between Obama and Hillary is still too close to call.

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