Hillary Wins New York and California But Contest Far From Over; McCain on Top

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the mammoth California primary Tuesday night, adding to wins in other delegate-rich states in the northeast, particularly New York and New Jersey. She also won in Massachusetts, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arizona.

California was the big prize of Super Tuesday, with 370 delegates.

Barack Obama won in his home state of Illinois and in Georgia, Alabama, Minnesota, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Utah, Kansas, North Dakota, Idaho and Missouri.

But the outcome is still too close to call. Neither candidate has won a clear plurality. And because of the Democratic nominating rules, a candidate may win a state-wide majority but will not get all of the state’s party delegates. A significant haul of delegates from smaller states across the country and a not-too-distant finish in others might still get Barack Obama the nomination.

Thus, Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said

“We don’t have any idea what the delegate count is. This is not going to be decided tonight.”

That was because all of the states were dividing their delegates proportionally, so a candidate who finished second could pick up an impressive haul of delegates.

Clinton acknowledged that neither she nor Obama would be able to seize control of the Democratic nomination based on Tuesday’s results.

Meanwhile, John McCain appeared ready to sew up the GOP nomination, winning nine states, including California and New York.

Check out Super Tuesday’s numbers.

Obama wins in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington state and narrows the gap with Hillary.

Obama wins Miane, his fourth vistory over the weekend and giving him momentum going into the primaries on Tuesday, February 12, in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Could this be the turning point ?

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