Obama Takes Wisconsin; McCain Ready to Wrap Up Nomination with Wins in Wisconsin and Washington State

John McCain emerged victorious in the primaries in Wisconsin and Washington State, putting him in a position to wrap up his party’s nomination.

Barack Obama won overwhelmingly in Wisconsin, his ninth straight victory over Senator Hillary Clinton in the drawn out contest for the Democratic presidential nomination. But the momentum is clearly on Mr. Obama’s side.

McCain is the ideal Republican candidate in a year wherein the Democrats are expected to take over the White House, primarily because of the unpopularity of George w. Bush’s war on Iraq. Senator John McCain has a record of working to develop sound bipartisan legislation and is thus considered as somewhat of a maverick even in his own party. Senator McCain was one of the first prominent Republicans to point out how badly the war in Iraq was being managed. He would appeal to broader range of Americans than the rest of the Republican field.

A Vietnam war hero and former POW, his dramatic life story has captured the imagination of many. He is widely perceived as having the character to stand on principle. His major character flow, most would say, is his legendary temper. He must take pains to curb this if he would take the helm of the world’s most powerful nation.

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