Hillary Wins Close Indiana Primary, is Thrashed in North Carolina

Barack Obama has congratulated Hillary Clinton on “what appears to be her victory” in a close primary in Indiana. However, Obama won a decisive victory in North Carolina. These are the last two big-delegate states left in their race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

This keeps the Hillary campaign alive, but just barely. Her failure to make a strong showing in Indiana, despite her win, and her overwhelming defeat in North Carolina makes it doubtful whether she can overhaul Barack’s commanding lead in committed delegates. But Clinton vowed to keep on campaigning and the slugfest goes on.

Hillary was her usual pugnacious self and, flanked by her husband and daughter, said:

Tonight we’ve come from behind – we’ve broken the tie. It’s full speed on to the White House.

But there is no tie to break. Obama enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, significant numerical and financial advantages entering the final month of the primary season. According to the New York Times, the results from the two primaries, the largest remaining Democratic ones, assured that Obama would widen his lead in pledged delegates over Clinton, providing him with new ammunition as he seeks to persuade Democratic leaders to coalesce around his campaign. He also increased his lead in the popular vote in winning North Carolina by more than 200,000 votes.

Democrats said they expect to see more superdelegates – eminent party officials who may have to settle the nominating fight – flow to Obama in the next few days, including perhaps some now aligned with Clinton.

But she vowed to fight on, saying:

We’ve got a long road ahead, but we’re going to keep fighting on that path because America is worth fighting for.

But that road might end for Hillary sooner than she thinks, as the Obama camp presses its case that the latest results are reason enough to back his candidacy and finally end the often acrimonious and divisive nomination fight. Whoever wins, history has already been made, in this the first presidential nomination face-off between a woman and a black in U.S. history.

Hillary’s strategy of last resort.

According to the NYT, which publicly came out for Hillary, support for Clinton wanes as Obama sees the finish line. Barack moves closer to becoming the first African-American U.S. presidential nominee of a major party.

Raul Pangalangan looks at one of the major ironies of the Clinton-Obama tussle, in that Barack, coming from an oppressed racial minority background, is perceived as elitist while Hillary, the faux southern belle and former First Lady, is now a working-class hero. A good take on how U.S. presidential elections are really media battles over myth and image.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on loyalty and betrayal, why he dumped the Clintons, and why he fell in love with Obama.

The U.S. media is ready to write the obituary of the Clinton campaign, the consensus being it is almost impossible for Hillary Clinton to overtake rival Senator Barack Obama.

Sen. Obama closed in Friday on Sen. Hillary Clinton’s once significant lead among superdelegates, the Democratic officials who hold the balance of power in determining the party’s presidential nominee.

Neither candidate has the 2,025 delegates needed for the nomination. Obama has 1,860 total delegates, 165 delegates short of clinching the Democratic nod, and Clinton has 1,696, according to a CNN survey.

Obama holds a commanding lead in the number of pledged delegates awarded from primaries and caucuses: 1,592 to Clinton’s 1,424.

The latest announcements narrow Clinton’s lead in superdelegates to single digits. At the year’s start, she led by more than 100 superdelegates.

However, a new poll shows Hillary Clinton holding a commanding lead in West Virginia, where the next primary will be held. Clinton has a 43-point advantage over Obama, 66 percent to 23 percent, according to a new survey from the American Research Group. A big Clinton win will send a powerful message that there are a lot of Democrats not yet ready to get on the Obama bandwagon.

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  1. Interesting theory “Operation Chaos” is. Are Republicans really as cohesive and motivated enough to pursue a strategy on as large a scale as this ? I wouldn’t know. But if they are, the Dems are in trouble, whoever wins the nomination.

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