De Venecia To Tell All Before Senate, Eventually

Former House Speaker Jose De Venecia in radio interviews during the weekend, and quoted in radio stations DZBB and DZRH, said that, after some reflection, he is now ready and more than willing to spill his guts on the Senate floor about what he knows on the ZTE NBN corruption scandal and other shenanigans committed by the Palace. But he stressed the need for “proper timing” . He was quoted as saying:

I will definitely testify. I can’t wait to explain these deals. I have nothing to hide. For I believe that when I testify it will be the beginning of a protracted and long drawn-out conflict and I must stay the course.

But only when he’s ready.

It remains to be seen whether he will make good on his promise or if this is just another example of JDV’s penchant for clever dissembling. He explained his reticence by saying he was just recovering from the flu and his apprehension that his testimony might worsen the present food and oil crises and bring down the Arroyo government. He even said that it might prompt Malacañang to impose martial rule just to stay on power.

Congressman and presidential son Mikey Arroyo was quick to warn De Venecia that anything he says might used against him, as a willing participant and beneficiary of many questionable deals in the not-so-distant past. This might be true, but this evades the real issue.

What is now being said about Scott McClellan, a former top White House official forced out of office who wrote a tell-all book, “What Happened“, about the Bush administration, will also be said about De Venecia: disloyal, sickening and despicable.

But this of course avoids the real issue, which is: is what he is saying true ?

De Venecia should expect to be called all sorts of names, many probably deserved, but the one question we should focus on is if what he says has the ring of truth.

Lets hope that he still realizes the value of the old adage “The truth shall set you free” and sets us, and himself, on the road to freedom from this corrupt government.

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