Inventor of Pringles Potato Chip Can Buried in One

Here’s one way to take it with you, your achievements I mean. The NY Daily News reports that the Cincinnati chemist who invented the iconic (that word again!) Pringles potato chip can was buried in one.

Mr. Fredric Baur, organic chemist, food storage technician and inventor died May 4, 2008 in Ohio and, per his last wish, part of his cremated remains were buried in a Pringles chip can.

Baur was so proud of the tube-shaped container he patented in 1970 that he wanted one to accompany him to his grave, his children told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Baur also invented frying oils and a freeze-dried ice cream, but his proudest accomplishment was the tube-shaped container designed to hold the salty, stackable, saddle-shaped chips, his children said.

To be sure, his invention was quite an feat, and is one of the most creative and ubiquitous packaging concepts the world has ever seen. There’s hardly a kid, at least in the U.S., who hasn’t recently dipped his/her greasy fingers into a tube. According to Wikipedia, Pringles manufacturer:

Procter & Gamble chose the Pringles name from a Cincinnati telephone book, selecting Pringle Avenue in Finneytown, Ohio for its pleasing sound.

Pringles are especially known for their packaging, a tubular can with a foil-coated interior, and a resealable plastic lid (with the Pringles famous logo).

Let’s wish Mr. Baur Bon Voyage. Won’t God have a surprise when he peels back that plastic lid !

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