Lawyers Bono Adaza, Archie Fortun Entangled in Bizarre Coup Plot

Lawyers behaving badly. And stupidly.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Avelino Razon Jr. confirmed a new attempt to overthrow the Arroyo government, with the arrest of five of the suspects allegedly involved in a “proposal to commit coup d’etat”. One of the suspects is former lawmaker and now minor opposition figure Homobono (“Call me Bono, not Homo”) Adaza. Four other military and police officers were also brought into custody.

Also charged were Army Lieutenant Colonel Oscarlito Mapalo, retired Colonels Ernie Amboy and Cesar dela Pena, and police Superintendent Rafael Cardeno.

Aside from coup d’etat, complaints of swindling and estafa were also brought against them. Now that’s an strange mix of crimes. While toppling the government, why not make a little money on the side ?

In the middle of all this is attorney Raymond “Archie” Fortun, lawyer to the stars. Archie is the younger brother and erstwhile law partner of Siegfried Fortun, who represented Erap during his impeachment proceedings and subsequent corruption trial.

Atty. Fortun blew the whistle on the alleged coup plotters, and claimed that Adaza’s OMT Security Services, Inc. attempted to solicit US$4 million or P160 million from his Japanese client “in order to finance a coup d’etat,” to be organized by Adaza’s “friends in the military”.

It appears, however, that “solicit” is too mild a word. Extort is probably a more apt term, if we are to believe Fortun’s convoluted tale of soured business relationships, skullduggery and even a planned kidnapping and, possibly, an inept stab at extortion.

It seems Mr. Fortun has a Japanese client, a Motonori Sakuma, who was involved in the development of a beach resort in Marinduque province. Mr. Sakuma, for whatever reason, wanted to be rid of his Filipino partners, Messrs. Manuel Copon and Emmanuel Galdo. Sakuma, with the knowledge of Fortun, tapped Adaza, his security agency and his military and police buddies to do the job.

Adaza and company promptly came up with a plan. In fact, three plans. Plan A involved filing trumped-up charges against Sakura’s 2 Filipino partners. Plan B was a bit more ruthless, involving the actual picking-up of Copon and Galdo and allegedly turning them over to the tender mercies of the National Bureau of Investigation for whatever crimes could be brought against them.

Comes the even weirder part. Plan C was for Adaza’s group to stage a coup d’etat against the Arroyo government to be bankrolled by Sakura. How this would help him dump his Filipino partners is anyone’s guess. Presumably, in the confusion and violence of an actual coup, Copon and Galdo could be dealt with “with extreme prejudice”. Towards this end, the plotters began to pressure Sakura to cough up US$4 million for the “coup”. In fact, per Fortun, they we demanding US$ 10 million at one point.

This naturally alarmed Mr. Fortun, who now believed that OMT could either kill Copon and Galdo and pin the blame on him and Sakura, or kill the two of them for knowing two much. So he went to the authorities.

This begs the question as to why Fortun was even planning what seem to be illegal acts against Sakura’s partners in the first place. From his own statements, he may be just as guilty as Adaza and company. It was just his fear of their “coup pals”, to use the late Louie Beltran’s phrase, turning against them that prompted him to report the matter.

Bono Adaza has always perceived himself as a maverick. He’s an odd duck, to be sure. And his involvement in this latest caper puts a new twist to a colorful and checkered political career. But I don’t think he was seriously planning a coup. The administration rightfully pooh-poohed his capability to pull it off. This appears to be about two lawyers trying to put one over the other. Now Adaza and Fortun are at each other’s throats.

The problem with lawyers from U.P. is they think they can bring their campus hi-jinks into the real world and get away with it.

Updates: No coup, according to the military.

Coup raps filed against Adaza et. al.

Adaza turns the tables on Fortun, accusing him as the one who was involved in the alleged destabilization plot and blasting the Arroyo administration for allegedly prosecuting members of the opposition.

Adaza files a slew of charges against Fortun, PNP officials.

5 thoughts on “Lawyers Bono Adaza, Archie Fortun Entangled in Bizarre Coup Plot”

  1. Bono Adaza is pretty much a harmless guy, but over the years he’s become more and more unhinged it seems to me. One thing about GMA and her administration, they’ve learned to push back against the opposition. Do unto them before they do unto you, as it were.

  2. I actually like Bono Adaza, DJB. I used to think of him as whip-smart but who didn’t take himself too seriously, and was destined for great things. It’s a puzzle how he ended up in this farcical situation.

    I wonder who the mysterious Mr. Sakuna is. It’s titillating to think he might be Yakuza.

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