Manny Pacquiao-Oscar De La Hoya Bout Likely

Suddenly, there’s a lot of hype about a possible big-ticket fight between the Pacman and the Golden Boy. After initial reports that Manny Pacquiao’s next bout will be with Umberto Soto, Edwin Valero or even Ricky Hatton, talk has now shifted to a match between the two most “marketable” boxers in the world today, Manny and Oscar De La Hoya. With the emphasis on marketable.

Pacquiao trainer Freddy Roach, explaining why he would choose Oscar de la Hoya over Humberto Soto for Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent, bluntly said that it’s all about the money:

I mean, what kind of (pay-per-view) PPV draw would that fight (Pacquiao-Soto ) be? We are missing the boat! Oscar has talked about fighting Manny. We can have Oscar make 147 lbs, and we can add another Mexican legend to Manny’s resume.

I am very surprised that he (Arum) hasn’t called me about this Soto situation. I asked Manny if Arum talked to him about Soto, and he told me ‘no.’ I asked Manny if he would like to fight De La Hoya, and he told me, ‘Of course,’ and he then asked me about the weight, and I told him we would make Oscar make 146 lbs, and we could make the fight.

If Steve Forbes can hit De La Hoya that easily, imagine what Manny Pacquiao will do to him.

He added that even a fight against Venezuelan knock-out artist Edwin Valero would be a tough sell for pay-per-view:

It’s a tough sell, a Soto versus Pacquiao. It’s not a PPV fight, it’s a free HBO fight if anything. Valero can only fight in one state, and all of his fights were in Japan, so that’s not a PPV fight either really. I would like to negotiate a Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar De La Hoya fight.

Bob Arum smells big bucks too and said in a radio interview that he will be discussing the match-up with Manny when he goes to Las Vegas for the Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito fight this weekend.

Oscar De La Hoya is open to it too.

Neither is Pacquiao coy about wanting to face De La Hoya.

But isn’t this a possible case of overreach on the part of Manny ? De la Hoya may be past his prime, but he’s bigger, with a much longer reach. The latter is the more seasoned scrapper and fights with smarts and finesse. He can literally run rings around Manny.

Not that Pacquiao doesn’t have the skills to go against De La Hoya. But he’s basically a slugger, a brawler, a knockout artist, which Oscar can match with tremendous hand speed and considerable punching power of his own. 30 of De La Hoya’s 39 victories were by KO.

Consider further the fact that Pacquiao will have to go up to Oscar’s weight class, which could slow him down.

But as always, money will trump all other considerations. This could possibly be Pacquiao’s biggest payday. In his losing fight against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in 2007, De La Hoya got a whopping $55 million. Compare this to the $3 million Manny got recently for decking David Diaz. Manny easily stands to make tens of millions if the fight pushes through. For De La Hoya, meanwhile, a lot more is at stake than just the purse, as this will suppsedly be his last fight and he wants to preserve the Golden Boy legend.

One thing going for Pacquiao, though, is that Oscar has a lot more to lose, looks-wise, than him. This should make him fearless in going after De La Hoya’s smug mug.

International matchmaker Sampson Lewkowicz believes that Filipino superstar Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has a good chance of winning against six-division world champion Oscar “Golden Boy” de la Hoya if their proposed mega-fight pushes through this December. Per Lewkowicz, should the fight take place, Oscar has everything to lose, while the Filipino icon has “nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Negotiations ongoing for the De La Hoya – Pacquiao fight in December.

Pacquiao – De La Hoya superbout set for December 6.

9 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao-Oscar De La Hoya Bout Likely”

  1. wow!! This is something that we should all watch-out. I’d like to see Pacquiao going up against de la Hoya since I agree that Manny has “nothing to lose.”

  2. Manny needs tons of adjustments if he is to win a slugging bout against the Golden Boy. But it seems money is getting in the way. He might care les about winning so long as the carrot is on the stick.

  3. Money speaks the loudest. I agree, Manny needs a lot of adjustments. Not to mention having an effective style to counter the reliable jabs of Oscar de la Hoya.

  4. @Lee Angelo. I’m excited too about the possibilities of a Pacquiao-De la Hoya bout, despite my misgivings about Manny’s capabilities against a stronger De La Hoya . It will be the biggest draw in boxing. It will also be THE fight of Manny’s life thus far, both in terms of earnings and prestige. And if he beats the great De La Hoya, his place in boxing (and Philippine sports) history will be cemented as the GREATEST. And he comes in as an underdog, which is a big plus. He won’t be overconfident, the oddsmakers will favor Oscar, and the pressure won’t be on him. The world also loves an underdog. Even if Manny loses, his career will still be going strong. Win or lose, De La Hoya says he will hang up his gloves.

    @ Splice, the money is a big, if not the biggest, factor. Even if Manny gets only half of what De La Hoya would get, it would run into more than US$ 10 million, guaranteed. Maybe much more. And there’ s money to be made by all, HBO, the promoters and all the people, big and small, who stand to get a piece of the pie. Given this scenario, Manny (and his handlers plus Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions) will not let this opportunity pass. De La Hoya is not getting any younger and has publicly said that he’s ready to retire after one last, big fight. Let’s get ready to rumble!

  5. And I’ve heard Manny is eyeing a political position this 2010. Win or lose, if his fight with The Golden Boy pushes through, Manny will certainly have enough bucks to bang his candidacy.

  6. and it was confirmed. the fight’s scheduled first week of december with $30 million to boot. everyone’s drooling to be a boxer now.

    @ splice. In fairness to manny, if that would be true, which to me is so unlikely considering that he professed not to dip his hands in politics again (athough he’s all surrounded by it considering his popularity) in so many candid moments, i think it wouldn’t be an issue at all if he’ll use his own manny, ay money pala.

  7. Wow! So it’s already confirmed. Good for Manny and the Philippines! I believe this is better than a Pacquiao-Mayweather (they were looking on this after the fight against David Diaz), or even a Pacquiao-Hatton bout.

    The Warrior Lawyer: Pacquiao as an underdog also excites me because we’re sure that Manny will work harder than ever.

  8. Manny has been offered $10 million but he wants the same purse which De La Hoya would get, plus a cut of PPV revenues. My guess is he will settle for an amount slightly lower than De La Hoya’s but substantially more than the initial offer.

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