Pacquiao – De La Hoya Fight Set for December

The blockbuster fight between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya will push through on December 6, according to reports.

The official announcement is set to be made in a few hours for what is estimated to be one of the richest purses in boxing history, to top U.S. $ 100 million. Pacquiao will most likely receive a lesser share of what the Golden Boy will get, but not that much smaller,and certainly more than Manny ever earned before, or will hope to earn in the near future. My guess is he will eventually cash in in the U.S. $ 30 million range, depending on the pay-for-view receipts.

This is a win-win situation for Manny, as even in the worst case that he loses, he gets his guaranteed purse and still has a career ahead of him. De La Hoya will then preserve his legend and ride off into the sunset. But if Manny wins, his stock raises dramatically, having dispatched a boxing icon, and he can dictate who, and when, he wants to fight next. And for how much. De La Hoya has a lot more to lose and there won’t be much pressure on Manny. Overall, a good deal for Pacquiao, win or lose.

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Pacquiao ready for Dela Hoya. Photo from
Pacquiao ready for Dela Hoya. Photo from

6 thoughts on “Pacquiao – De La Hoya Fight Set for December”

  1. If the oddsmakers favor Dela Hoya, so much the better. Less pressure on Manny. My guess is that Dela Hoya will be the heavy favorite initially, but as the fight nears, the odds will roughly even out, although Oscar will still be llamado.

  2. it’s gonna be david vs david(the size of goliath). it would be an honor for manny to get beat up by a superstar and get paid big for doing so.

  3. Manny wants to win, of course, but if he loses, no real harm done. He’ll still be champ in his weight class. He’ll have his biggest payday ever, in the tens of millions. In $$$. And no onus to losing to a superstar like De La Hoya. Oscar is the bigger fighter after all, and in a class all his own. But what if Manny wins ? The world will be at his feet.

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