Joe De Venecia Threatens To Tell All

Former House Speaker Jose De Venecia Jr. says he is ready to reveal everything he knows about corruption in the Arroyo administration in endorsing the latest impeachment complaint against the president. At a press conference in his Forbes Park, Makati home, De Venecia threw his full support behind the impeach raps filed by his son, Jose “Joey” De Venecia III, before the House of Representatives. He said he will spare no one in testifying before the House should he be called upon to so so. In the high-minded, bombastic rhetoric that is trademark JDV, he stated:

This fight is not my son’s fight alone; the complainants represent a wide segment of national society. Their fight is part of the nation’s search for truth and justice. And we must restore to public office the virtues of openness, accountability, integrity and good governance–all of which the Arroyo administration has cast aside.

I am prepared to testify at the witness stand if called by the House. I will answer all questions no matter who gets hurt.For me not to endorse such grave allegations–and to prevent them from being heard by a competent political court–would in itself constitute a crime against the Filipino people.

But it’s a measure of how much his prestige has declined since being stripped of the House speakership that hardly anyone paid attention. The old fart just isn’t news anymore. It doesn’t help that he has himself been implicated in many of the anomalies imputed to Malacanang, notably the Northrail project, and that his credibility as a whistle-blower is close to zero. Having participated in the worst excesses of this , and previous, administrations, one would think that his supposed “change of heart” would be greeted with hosannas by the enemies of GMA. He knows where the skeletons are buried. But no. Wide yawns all around.

Hardly surprising, given his reputation as a consummate opportunistic politician. The general perception is that he has nothing worthwhile to say, since whatever he blabs about can and will be used against him. He’s not about to hammer the nails into his own coffin.

Thus, unless he comes out with something really earthshaking and names names and produces clear and incriminating evidence, he risks being further mocked and pushed to the sidelines.

2 thoughts on “Joe De Venecia Threatens To Tell All”

  1. All JDV needs to do is tell only the truth and aim only to add to the evidence that has mounted against GMA and the administration.

    Forget about “earthshaking” because the people won’t be offended anymore by whatever proof there is that the government has acted against their interest. They’ve heard and seen and experienced them all. Any evidence coming from JDV or anyone else will only affirm what the people already know.

    And what really will constitute an “earthshaking” evidence against GMA and her government? A recorded video of Gloria herself slashing the throat of Jonas Burgos or one of those missing activists? Probably. But our people have seen killings all over the place. By the militatry, by the NPA, by the MILF, by the Abu Sayyaf, by the neighborhood thugs. Strong perhaps but not enough to shake the earth as far as the people’s sensitivity go. So, just add it up to the rest of the evidence. Will a recorded video of GMA receiving an 18-wheeler truck load of money from the Chinese embassy at 3:00 a.m. somewhere in the back alley of Malacanang suffice to clinch an earthshaking evidence against her. Duh, our people will say, our public officials receive money from anyone at anytime in any place. Besides, the ‘panyeros will find a “legal” explanation for that. I kid you not. So, just add it up.

    JDV may yet shake-off his image of being a truly really big time dirty trapo by being absolutely and perfectly truthful and honest in this instance. He or anyone else cannot hope to go for any jugular though because nobody is surprised or impressed anymore with any criminality that this government has committed or will commit and GMA’s lackeys in congress will obfuscate the issues. That last one you could take to the bank.

    JDV should present only simple unadulterated truth for his own sake or just for the sake of truth itself.

  2. Right, the truth is all we need to know. But as with everything we’re hearing about the scandals of the Arroyo administration, it’s hard to discern the truth from the fog of lies being sent our way. And as you pointed out, the public is now blase about the many exposes made. Nothing shocks us anymore. Not even the truth.

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