A Prescient George Bush Foretold An Obama Presidency

That’s George Herbert Walker Bush, the former, not the incumbent, occupant of the White House.

He was quoted as saying in 1990 that:

The day will come-and it is not far off-when the legacy of Lincoln will finally be fulfilled at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when a black man or woman will sit in the Oval Office. When that day comes, the most remarkable thing about it will be how naturally it occurs.

Barack Obama is leading in all the polls with a little more than a week to go before the election.

The irony of his prediction happening right after his son’s stay at the Oval Office would not escape the elder Bush. As would the historical twist that the party which fought for slavery would be the one to choose an African-American as standard bearer. As pointed out by John Avlon in realclearpolitics.com:

In an under-remarked historic irony, the political party that long defended slavery and racial segregation has become the first to nominate an African-American for president. And the GOP, the Party of Lincoln, which fought for union and advanced civil rights from Reconstruction to Little Rock, has been left with a troubling lack of diversity on its political bench.

Would the issue of race prove the polls wrong ? Political observers say that race alone would not be a significant enough factor to allow McCain to win.

And the truly amazing thing, as pointed out by “Poppy” Bush, is how naturally it will occur.

Thanks, dad, for showing me the quote in the book “The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents“.

Frank Rich defends white Americans, who are not racists in general. There are supposedly even “racists for Obama” or “White Americans whose distrust of black people in general crumbles when they actually get to know specific black people, including a presidential candidate who extends a genuine helping hand in a time of national crisis”.

Nicholas Kristof tackles the “re-branding” of the U.S. and how an Obama presidency could change global perceptions of the United States and help rebuild American political capital squandered by George W.

Amado Doronila asks if the U.S. is really ready for a black president.

Bizarre Obama assasination plot by white supremacists busted by feds.

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