Makati Mayor Jojo Binay Launches Bid for the Presidency

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Not as national president of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. He’s already that. As president of the Philippines.

Today is the birthday of the mayor of Makati, and he took the opportunity to announce before the assembled throng of well-wishers at the city hall his bid for national office. He has a countrywide network as head of the United Opposition (UNO) and believes that he has sufficient resources to launch a campaign for the presidency in 2010. Makati congressman and Binay stalwart Teddy Boy Locsin was present to give his buddy moral support, and jokingly said that in Binay the country may have found its own Barack.

Jojo Binay himself believes that he has more in common with U.S. president-elect Obama than the color of his skin. He apparently sees himself as a crusading lawyer and an agent of change and will likely campaign on the same theme.

It’s too early to say whether Binay’s run is serious or if he’s just making a noisy ass of himself so as not to be ignored in the run-off to the 2010 elections, just like Bayani Fernando. There are many who believe that, like Cocoy of Filipino Voices, the opposition has a credibility issue and is increasingly being pushed to the sidelines. This may be Binay’s attempt to keep from being marginalized.

But I wouldn’t take him lightly. Apart from being de-facto opposition head, he claims to have gotten Erap Estrada’s blessing. Moreover, his nationwide connections extend well beyond UNO and the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, to being a member of Alpha Phi Omega (Eta ), which has more than 250 chapters around the country. That’s a standing army of youthful volunteers right there, not to mention its alumni. More importantly, APO is reportedly very strong in certain areas of Mindanao where “dagdag-bawas” operations have been prevalent in the past.

8 thoughts on “Makati Mayor Jojo Binay Launches Bid for the Presidency”

  1. It’s sad though, Benj, that the person who claims to be the “Obama of the Philippines” is a sinister parody of the real thing. Jojo Binay has morphed into a shameless clone of the traditional politicians he used to fight during his MABINI days. He has out-Trapoed the Trapos. Stories of his lucrative stint at public service have proliferated over the years and his various personal acquisitions, from condo units in Rockwell, farmlands in Batangas and foreign bank accounts, have been fodder for the gossip mill.

    He’s the “Nobama” of the Philippines.

  2. A Manilan President feels weak to me and very limited politically.

    People who think being a gentleman is more important than governance sickens me. Teddy Boy Locsin has been an unrepentant snob and I can only wonder how effective he was during Cory’s time. If the guy’s main achievement is writing a speech that got a standing O in the US Congress, it quite a pathetic life he’s lived so far… for an educated man.

  3. @ BrianB, valid point about a president from Manila. Locsin and Binay go a long way though, back to MABINI days (together with Joker Arroyo). It’s not about governance, its about cronyism and politics as usual.

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