Impeachment Complaint Against Arroyo Sufficient in Form But Will Be Shot Down By Majority

The House of Representatives Committee on Justice has determined that the impeachment complaint filed against President Arroyo, the 4th of her stay in office, is sufficient in form though its substance has yet to be debated upon. But the impeachment suit faces sure defeat before a House dominated by Arroyo allies. The best the opposition can try for is that the issues raised be given a chance to be properly ventilated and brought to the attention of the public. But even this faint hope is sure to be thwarted.

The majority has indicated that it will not stand for lengthy debates on the floor and will push for an immediate vote. It will never reach the impeachment trial stage. Even the complaint in intervention initiated by a group of bloggers founded on the unconstitutionality of the BJE MOA orchestrated by GMA will likely be dismissed outright for being a second complaint and therefore prohibited under the law. The Constitution provides that only one impeachment complaint can be brought against the president every year.

And this is a particulalry dangerous issue for Arroyo as the Supreme Court ruling on the BJE MOA (which was not appealed by the government) puts her on the spot as the chief instigator in the commission of acts violative of the Constitution. She will do everything in her power to block the intervention move.

It looks like this present effort to unseat Arroyo because of corruption and culpable breach of her oath of office will go the way of previous attempts. Which is straight to the trash bin. Why even bother ? The answer is simple. The Filipino people are entitled to know the truth. Even if they are too weary to do anything about it.

3 thoughts on “Impeachment Complaint Against Arroyo Sufficient in Form But Will Be Shot Down By Majority”

  1. Its not surprising that the Intervention has been dismissed as well as the complaints by two attorneys. Impeachment being a highly political proceeding the outcome is almost always foreseeable. Whichever party has majority in the House has control of most of the commitees where decisions are made as to which issues reach the floor for house debate. In impeachment the distinction between form and substance is a distinction between an almost ripe mango and a ripe mango, you can eat them both if you want or you can trash them in one fell swoop…as long as you are the majority. If you’re a reasonable congressman with a modicum of learning you would know right away whether or not a complaint is sufficiently well pleaded and conclude the document to be compliant or not in form and substance. If you’re a congressman with ten Phd’s under your belt and you’re in the minority, your reading and conclusion is only as good as the first one. But even if you only reached third grade and a huweteng kubrador in your previous life your reading of an impeachment complaint can take the nature of a law as long as you’re in the majority. It sounds and looks unseemly but it sure is the truth. Impeachment is raw politics and a numbers game where truth is defined as whatever the majority decides it to be.

    I’m almost tempted to conclude along with The Warrior Lawyer that the majority will shot down the main complaint. But I believe in miracles despite of what I have previously said. I hope the majority can gather enough pluck to spring a November surprise. If not, well, I’ll just take it to mean that nature took its course.

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