Too Cute

There’s a new addition to the household which has drastically cut down on my time before the PC as she has claimed the immediate area around the monitor as her own. I’m allergic to cat fur and now the keyboard and the immediate environs are full of it.

We got our new Siamese kitten yesterday and, as expected, she’s just too cute. We were lucky to have found her through the internet. Her human was very loving and kept the family together (mom, dad and three other siblings) until such a time, alas, as they had to part ways. But coming from such a nurturing background has given her a happy (as far as I can tell) disposition. I’m a dog person myself, and grew up with lots of canines, but having to live in a house full of cat lovers has altered my perspective somewhat. I appreciate felines now and their very distinct personalities. And now Missy has taken over the house, much to the consternation of our two other cats.

A new pet is a welcome distraction from all the aggravations of the holiday season. Now if we could only keep her from tearing up the sofa.

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