Nicole’s Flight to America P.R. Fiasco for Anti-U.S. Forces

Nicole has flown the coop and landed right where she wanted to be all along, it seems: in the heart of the good ol’ U.S. of A. Celebrity rape victim Nicole, the symbol of oppressed and victimized Filipina womanhood, as painted by her handlers, has fired her lawyer and left the country “for good“. And where else would she end up but in the homeland of her rapist, American Marine Daniel Smith. WTF !? Literally.

How’s that for an ironic twist ? She also expressed her desire to have “all other cases arising from or related” to the Subic rape case dropped because “there is no justice in the Philippines“. Huh ? She got a conviction didn’t she ? Smith was convicted in 2007 and sentenced to up to 40 years in prison.

This of course leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Who facilitated her departure ? What did she get in return for abandoning the case ? What role did U.S. and Philippine officialdom have in bringing this about ?

Not to speculate on her reasons for leaving, as I’m sure they’re all perfectly valid, but this move seems cynical and calculating. It leaves all her supporters with egg on their faces. It’s an embarassment to the anti-U.S. groups who hoped to ride on the issue to bring to the fore public sentiment against the Visiting Fiorces Agreement, which allows for the presence of U.S. troops in the Philippines. They now have to get off their high horses in the middle of crossing the river.

Unfortunately, what she did once again tarred the already soiled image of the Filipina. According to her lawyer Evelyn Ursua “The ‘Nicole’ that she and the other lawyers represented was beyond the woman that Nicole and her family thought she was. ‘Nicole’ is every Filipino woman who was and will be raped by American soldiers.” Precisely why her unceremonious departure for America is like a slap on the face. That she fled to the very place which spawned her despoiler, and that of every Filipina ravished by the big bad Americans over the last century or so, speaks volumes. The message it sends: Every Filipina has a price. And that price is, sadly, a one-way ticket to the U.S.

The stage is now set for Smith’s eventual acquittal on grounds of reasonable doubt.


‘Nicole’ now doubts if Smith raped her, ABS CBN

Copy of sworn statement of ‘Nicole submitted to Court of Appeals, March 17, 2009, ABS CBN

‘Nicole’ confesses, hints that Daniel Smith did not rape her, GMA News

Nicole now with new American boyfriend.

7 thoughts on “Nicole’s Flight to America P.R. Fiasco for Anti-U.S. Forces”

  1. One of the sad thing about the way this “Nicole” case has ended, for now, is what it says about the economy in the Philippines. First, “Nicole” was apparently so afraid of losing her trip to the U.S.A. –escape the Philippines– that she made an apparent false statement against one person with no regard to the harm that would occur to that person (Smith). Or, all of what “Nicole” originally said was true and she is now so desperate to escape from the Philippines and go the U.S.A. that she is willing to, apparently, agree that the person who actually raped her can get off without full punishment. To make matters worse, it appears from the affidavit that “Nicole” is not really as bad off financially as the vast majority of Filipinos. Either way, it casts the Philippines, a wonderful country with its share of warts, in a bad light. Beyond this, it undeservedly casts Filipinas in a bad light. Lastly, reading “Nicole’s” affidavit, one must really wonder how one can so loath one’s heritage, country, and self to continually, metaphorically, prostitute oneself to drunken and rowdy military-men in hopes of “roping” a ticket to the good ol’ U.S.A. This is what the “Ultranationalists” need to focus on. The VFA is just a pathetic sideshow and diversion to the real problem of fostering pride in oneself and one’s country.

  2. Well said D.A.M. We are so focused on what we perceive to be larger issues, like U.S. neo-imperialism and our being a vassal state, that we lose sight of the fundamental concerns, like self-esteem and how we perceive ourselves as Filipinos, which will eventually have just as great an impact on us as a nation.

  3. Wow, waiting is a hard thing for us bar takers.But hold on.”Bro” will help us through.Like my family, I hope that I’ll make it this time.That’s what i hope pray too for all those who took it up.God Bless~

  4. I am a young female living in Canada and I have been educated in paralegal advocacy, I feel it important to share my details before commenting so as not to be misconstrued. It is not my intent to be in any way offensive. To be very honest, I only started to read up on this case a few hours ago. I had not seen it anywhere on our news here throughout the duration of the case, which I find very disappointing.As I started reviewing the case I began with the initial articles pertaining to the case and worked my through to more recent facts and findings. I must say that in the beginning I was certainly viewing Daniel as the guilty party an I truly felt sad for Nicole.As I proceeded through the detail I saw a lot of comments on other articles made by people who lived in the same county that this was all taking place in and I was very surprised to see just how many people had been keeping up with the case on their local news stations and reporting that they felt that Nicole was lying or at least “fishy” and sited her that her behavior was not appropriate and certainly not characteristic for young women of the culture.
    Please keep in mind that I have been reading articles from a few different countries to compare what facts I am getting and how they are being presented. I have been reading mainly Asian and European articles in an attempt to understand what happened in an unbiased way.
    What is most important for me to point our is that I am shocked by the tone of this article. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great article, very well written but I am just confused by the language and tone you are using towards Nicole even now after all of the facts have been presented to you. You are speaking as though she is a poor victim in all of this who you show sympathy to because she has made some poor choices due to the stress of the trial she had to endure. You further suggest that she was prompted or threatened or perhaps even bribed to recant her statement and move to the US to get away from a country that didn’t support her need for justice.
    Well, I am a young female and I have been sexually assaulted which is why I am bothering to comment. I can honestly tell you that I am sickened by this woman’s behavior and furthermore that she wasn’t made a priority to be kept there and prosecuted for perjury. If you are an unbiased person that has nothing to do with either country involved here you only need to review the facts to support my position.
    This woman got $100,000 US from this man that she did not deserve, she upset and enraged the citizens of her own country in defending her, she hires a lawyer from the American law firm Daniel had been using, she left the man convicted and imprisoned for years before recanting, met yet another US marine boyfriend and finally decided to move to the US because she says that she didn’t get justice in her country???????? And the worst you have to say about all of this is that she smeared the good name of the people? Here in my country, this woman would not be allowed to leave until she answered for her crime. She would have been immediately taken into custody and charged. I don’t mean to offend or suggest that my country is superior in any way, our justice system isn’t perfect either but when similar situations have happened in the past here almost instantly criminal charges were laid against the person that committed the fraudulent act.
    Think of all that this woman has done, nothing can repair this man’s reputation to what it formerly was, he can’t ever get back the years he’s lost, he lost his income over the whole time period, he paid her a large sum of money that he’ll never get back, and he comes home not with the respect a soldier deserves from his country and community but rather a label of being a rapist. Who is going to protest for Daniel??? So many protests were ran in support of this woman painting her a poor victim taken advantage of by the awful US soldier but now that everyone know she lied why aren’t there just as many protests being held by the people in support of what Daniel fell victim to? If not for Daniel, then at least to fight for Nichole being brought to justice.
    As a rape victim myself, I believe I am qualified to say that her actions have not been consistent with the majority of women that are sexually assaulted. First of all, many women are much too ashamed to get immediate help either medically or legally. Just examining the event during that night are suspicious, she was in a bar that was frequented by US soldiers drinking. She made contact with a group of four male soldiers and at the very least consented to get into a van with an all male group of much stronger American men. Now that raises big flags with me. Any woman, no matter how drunk they were would not under any circumstances leave a safe public place to be alone with four men. At the very least, she would have known that there was a very real possibility that the interest was sexual in nature. Unless she was completely unconscious, there is no excuse for her to have put herself in that situation. Being drunk wouldn’t stop me from screaming if four men tried to take me out of the safe public place I was in. Being drunk would not stop me from yelling for help from others in the bar once I felt threatened by the men I was with. Being drunk would not prevent me from putting up a struggle if I was being forced out into a parking lot with four men in the middle of the night. If she had been the poor victim that she suggested she was, she would have panicked at some point and made a scene. She didn’t do this though. Even worse why was a young woman alone drinking in a bar at night? Why would this young woman put her safety in danger by taking risks that most young women never would? She had every opportunity to avoid the situation and protect herself but she CHOSE not to. Being drunk isn’t an excuse for being reckless and stupid.
    She lied to the police, to her community and to her country. Then not long after this man is convicted to 40 years she makes a statement to the press that she felt it should have been the death penalty? That is the lowest behavior a human being could exhibit and so contrary to what an upstanding citizen would do. She should not have been allowed to get away with what she did to the country.
    The worst part was that she started dating yet another US marine not long after this incident occurred?? Then she gets her settlement money from Daniel and suddenly she recants her statement and decides to leave to live in the US for good? Somehow there are people out there that feel she was forced into that even after how poorly this woman has presented herself? Doesn’t it seem much more likely that she had been in that bar looking for an easy target? Doesn’t it seem that that she was in that bar to meet a US soldier and assure her a way to live in the US? Doesn’t it seem that once she realized that the marine she had targeted wasn’t interested in her for anything other than sex that she might have resorted to all of this? Doesn’t it seem at all suspicious that she fled to the one place that would remind her of what happened to her at every turn? Support a country who’s soldiers violated her so badly? When she recanted her statement, Daniel was still convicted and imprisoned, being punished for a crime he didn’t commit and yet she states that she is leaving her country because she didn’t get justice? It was her recanting that got Daniel acquitted even though officials say it had no bearing. So, what is she talking about then? If people are thinking that she was forced to recant and leave, why would she make a comment like that? She would be in terrible fear for her safety or the loss of any bribe she might be given if she spoke out. It seems to be much more likely that once she got the money in hand she took off to the US and used that statement as a cover of the outrage she knows the citizens would be in. I mean, when she wrote that statement, justice HAD been served as far as she was concerned. Daniel was the one that was the victim in this as far as the facts show and yet there still seems to be a sentiment of pity being attached to this woman. She could have just as easily immigrated here to Canada or even the UK but the last place she should have agreed to go to was the US if she indeed was being forced to do all of that. She also would not have immediately started dating yet another US marine, the reminder would be way too much for a rape victim to bear. As a victim of sexual assault, I feel very violated by what this woman has done. She has painted victims all over the world in a poor light, not just the citizens of her country. I just don’t think that even a hint of leniency within an article should be afforded to this woman and I had to speak my mind. I hope that she is pursued by authorities to stand trial for perjury and obstruction of justice and now that she’s living in the US that Daniel brings a civil suit towards her for pain and suffering, loss of income, mental anguish, etc. If there are facts that I am missing or even uninformed on, please inform me, I don’t want to be speaking out of turn. I appreciate the great articles you have written, I just felt the tone of empathy was not correctly applied to a woman that should be a disgrace and outrage to her country.

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