Dr. Vicky Belo Dumps Lawyer Archie Fortun for Adel Tamano

In true show-biz style, Dr. Vicky Belo has replaced long-time legal counsel Archie Fortun for a younger, more handsome lawyer, opposition spokesman Adel Tamano. Atty. Tamano is a Harvard alum and president of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

A report in the Philippine Star says that looks certainly was a factor. Mr. Fortun gallantly admitted that Mr. Tamano is indeed better looking than him. Adel jokingly said: “Off the record, it is because I am good looking.” Which promptly went on the record.

In any event, Dr. Belo will have the best of both worlds, as Mr. Fortun will stay on as counsel in a pending cases and will be available at any time to handle special projects or whenever she needs a legal pit bull. Not that legal expertise and experience would be lacking on the part of Mr. Tamano. He also has as law office partner former Supreme Court Justice Santiago Kapunan. Adel will likewise be the mouthpiece and public face of the Belo Group, which will give it some degree of class and credibility beyond its current tacky image.

This arrangement dovetails nicely with Adel’s plans to run for the senate in 2010, as Belo’s hefty advertising budget and broadcast media connections will guarantee that he will constantly be in the public eye. A good deal all around.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Vicky Belo Dumps Lawyer Archie Fortun for Adel Tamano”

  1. Mr. Adel Tamano,

    Might have a very good future as a senator, but with Dr. Belo’s case surely, he will have less voters later on.

    Convincing the public believe that it was only Dr. Belo is the victim, then how he would categorized the other women involved.

    Make sure you are doing the right thing Mr. Adel Tamano your client is not the victim, you might be the victim after the case goodluck future to be senator if you still make it after this case.

    Sayang you are really good, but please don’t get victimize by the charade that Dr.Vicky is trying to manipulate.

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