Noynoy Aquino Lacks Substance

As of now.

Ask yourself, how well do you know him ? His advocacies ? What issues are he passionate about ? Like me, I suspect that most people would draw a blank when asked about Noynoy Aquino, apart from the fact that he is the only son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

Noynoy himself, and his handlers, have not been shy about playing the Ninoy-Cory card. Says Liberal Party 2010 campaign manager Florencio “Butch” Abad: “Senator Aquino will not turn his back on the legacy of his parents”. In a press conference prior to his going on a weekend retreat do seek divine guidance for his political plans, Noynoy said “yes” when asked if he would carry on the fight started by his parents. What this “fight” is all about in concrete terms, he does not say although he can be rather smug about his legacy. Says he: “We enjoy popular support all these years because we reflect the interest of freedom-loving Filipinos.

But if his main selling point is his parentage, wouldn’t we be better off with Kris Aquino, who is undoubtedly more popular and has lived a more drama-filled life than her bland and balding brother ? It would certainly make for a more interesting campaign, at the very least.

To be sure, Noynoy can come up with the usual sound bites, throwing around time-worn phrases like “we are all in this together” and calling for “sacrifice”. But behind all these motherhood statements is a cardboard man totally lacking in substance. Worse, he may not be above resorting to cheap political gimmickry ( as alleged by Malacanang but for once I agree with Gary Olivar on this). In Noynoy’s case case, following to the letter a Cory template successfully utilized during the 1986 snap elections. As pointed out by Dr. Winnie Monsod, no friend of this blighted administration:

It was clear to everyone that Noynoy wanted to make the run for the presidency. So why the announcement that Aquino was to go on retreat to help him decide on whether he should make that run?

If the decision is already made–and it must have been–the retreat has to be for the purpose of asking God’s blessing on his candidacy–so why not just so state?

Is it because Noynoy’s handlers want to milk the Cory magic and show that Noynoy is doing the same thing that Cory did–and not only that–but also time his “decision” to be made on the 40th day after Cory’s death? If that is the case, shame on them all. Because that not only reflects the cynicism of the ultimate, exploitative “trapo,” it is also a disservice to Cory’s memory, and all that she stood for, as well. Cory was truly a reluctant candidate, and she agonized and prayed before finally accepting the mantle. What is more, there was not a single, insincere, manipulative bone in her body.

Anyone who wants to assume the mantle of leadership and selflessness similar to that of Ninoy and Cory better make sure that it is deserved, and earned. It is not something that can be claimed merely because the same blood runs in one’s veins. Rather, it is a matter of character.

I believe we have to reserve judgment on Noynoy until he can flesh out a program of government which would meet our people’s aspirations for honest and just governance. And show us that there is something behind that pleasant demeanor other than tired platitudes and promises. As Tony Meloto reminds us yet again, it is our national tragedy that we are “always looking for somebody to pin all our hopes on and also to blame when these hopes are not realized.” We would be doing ourselves and Noynoy a favor if we do not prematurely hoist upon him the burden of being our savior.

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  1. I agree.

    An excellent parent will not always beget excellent children. That is the case of human beings.

    We are honed to excellence while growing up.

    Noynoy Aquino must show that he have his own legacy. He already stayed as a publi servant in country. Siguro naman ay may maipagmamalaki naman siya maliban sa anak siya ni Cory.

  2. “I believe we have to reserve judgment on Noynoy until he can flesh out a program of government which would meet our people’s aspirations for honest and just governance.”

    this is exactly the words i would like to read from all of noynoy’s critics. at least you’re being fair.

  3. Very veritable observations counsel. I feel and think this way too about Noynoy, although I am much willing to wait and see how he could develop in the next few months.

    There’s some sense of desperation in our search for a moral and sensible leadership, maybe, just maybe, Noynoy might just be the person to hold it.

  4. Noynoy has accepted the nomination of the Liberal Party to be its presidential candidate in 2010.

    We now face the alarming prospect of Kris and Korina becoming fixtures in the Palace. Lord help us!

  5. Exactly Sir!

    When I wrote a post about Noynoy Aquino, some people got the feeling that I hate him. What they don’t understand is that this tide of emotional outpour of support for him is something so dangerous for a people or nation who should have been deciding on choosing a president on a standard of merits and correct reasoning.

    Some hopeless romantics are trying to weave a fairytale out of this candidacy of Noynoy…and many Pinoys love it. At the end of the day, Noynoy if ever he wins will not solve our individual problems…

    So far, what has he concretely presented to us to give us that opportunity to think and muster our rational faculty into discerning and weighing between presidentiables who best will serve the nation. What many Filipinos have forgotten is the fact of the should have been active thinking and analysis of who best will serve the nation as president; and not vote on some fairytale.

    Better yet, let us vote Darna na lang di ba.

  6. As expected the critics are on Noynoy’s case. They are no more than hecklers. Good in pronouncing themselves to know better than those who really know. Mga meron!

    As with Cory, the reluctant candidate then, so it is with Noynoy. Look, if Cory is living today Noynoy would not be running and there might be less noise. But, as we all know, when opportunity knocks it should be answered.

    Who knows, if Noynoy could win or if he would be a good, strong president? At face value he looks timid and shy, although he also looks honest enough. He does not have that greedy look that Gloria and her family have.

    We just hope that should he become our president that he is made of the right stuff inside – for us and our country’s sake.

  7. Re: We now face the alarming prospect of Kris and Korina becoming fixtures in the Palace. Lord help us!

    How shallow…

    The so called Warrior lawyer is not a warrior at all. Too scared to post unfavorable comments!

    Warrior lawyer, kuno.

  8. yes, gibo has substance(gloria)..yes, villar has substance ( noli) yes, erap has lots of it, and yes, substance is relative ( danding)

  9. “I believe we have to reserve judgment on Noynoy until he can flesh out a program of government which would meet our people’s aspirations for honest and just governance.”


  10. i dont know. the burden of proof whether noynoy really has substance does not lie in us. so far, noynoy hasn’t really proved himself worthy of my vote.

    in fairness, he can talk well. pero aanhin ko ang salita kung wala namang gawa? wag naman po sana tayong magkaroon ng filipino version ni obama.

    The Earning Student

  11. I certainly agree with Winnie Monsod!!
    “Anyone who wants to assume the mantle of leadership and selflessness similar to that of Ninoy and Cory better make sure that it is deserved, and earned.”

    Right now, it’s all a SHOW!!
    Noynoy is definitely far in terms of his Dad’s leadership and his Mom’s selflessness. Although sumasakay sya sa qualities nilang ito, IT IS NOT HIM. Noypis should think and rethink hard first before voting for him. 🙂

  12. The truth about Noynoy Aquino’s heroism under fire

    I’m an apolitical person, but I am terribly disturbed by three ingenuous spins by the Noynoy Aquino campaign about the incident in August 28, 1987 when he was shot by rebel soldiers:

    (1) “He put his life on the line to protect his mother from military rebels that penetrated
    Malacanang’s security.”
    (2) “He got shot in the neck protecting democracy.”
    (3) “Noynoy saved the nation that day.”

    In support of his presidential bid, Noynoy Aquino has posted these blatant fabrications on his official website and is allowing his supporters to circulate it on the web. What does that say about his self-proclaimed incapability to lie?

    What’s the truth about that shooting?

    Here’s part of the report of that incident by Seth Mydans for The New York Times on August 30, 1987, headlined “Aquino’s Son Says Rebels Opened Fire as He Spoke”:

    “Today, his left arm in a sling and his neck bandaged, Mr. Aquino told of pleading for his life as a soldier decided whether to shoot him again.

    “Mr. Aquino said he had gone out late to ‘attend to a personal problem’ across town, accompanied by bodyguards in his own and a second car.

    “He said he had discounted rumors of a military attack, thinking they might be another ‘zarzuela,’ or comedy, like previous coup threats. But when word came that firing had begun, he rushed home because ‘my instict [sic] was to help my family.’

    “Shielded by Bodyguard

    “When the soldiers opened fire on his car, he said, a bodyguard on the seat beside him, Joseph Galleta, ‘managed to pull me down and shielded me with his body.’

    “In a second burst of fire, he said, Mr. Galleta was seriously wounded and thrown from the car.

    “‘I believe the rebels wanted to be sure we were killed,’ Mr. Aquino said. ‘Someone approached me and wanted to use his M-16. I pleaded with him and tried to reason it out with him and everything and he hestitated [sic].’

    “As the soldier hesitated, Mr. Aquino said, he prayed. ‘I was doing my act of contrition and all that. I was asking for more time because I didn’t want to die like that.’”

    Need anything more be said?

  13. The Presidency should not be inherited.

    It should be earned.

    The question we should all be asking now is: “What has Noynoy Aquino done in the last 10 years of his public service as Congressman and as Senator to EARN MY VOTE?”

    Can I be the first to answer my question?


  14. On the contrary, the New York Times article on the Cojuangcos and Hacienda Luisita points to a Noynoy imbued with all the scheming and ravenous substance of his clan. Seen in this light, Noynoy’s much-vaunted “Ituloy ang laban” takes on a more sinister and ominous ring- the fight to hold on to a position of wealth and privilege that a behest loan in the 1950’s had spawned the Cojuangcos. But the greater tragedy lies in the fact that people allowed themselves to be fooled for so long.

  15. Did Cory say that he should run for the presidency? I don’t think she did. She knows her son is not yet ready. Noynoy is not yet ready.

  16. I am a 15 year old Filipino, troubled by the seemingly inevitable fact that we all face, Noynoy will win the 2010 elections.

    This argument really made him lose credibility to me: If his mother did not die, will he still run for presidency?

    Oh well, this just proves how gullible most Filipinos are.

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