Why Gibo Matters

Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro has been quoted as saying that he will run a “positive campaign.” No mud-slinging and black propaganda. Presumably, this means no dirty tricks, no “dag-dag bawas”. This is what he says and he may actually mean it. Whether this will actually come to pass is another matter, contingent on a number of factors, like how desperate the administration is to have its candidate win.

For whatever reason I can’t explain, I believe he’s sincere. He looks and sounds like a decent and upright fellow. He was a year or two younger than me in law school and although we were never friends, or even acquaintances, he came across as quiet and self-effacing. Brilliant academically. He was certainly not political, as politics was defined in U.P. during the 80’s, despite his formidable political pedigree.

But going by the recent surveys, his chance of becoming president by votes alone ranges from slim to nil. According to Pulse Asia, 79% of the respondents said they would “surely not vote for” (43 percent) and “probably not vote for” (36 percent) a presidential candidate endorsed by Ms Arroyo. The widely-perceived and well-founded “kiss of death” from GMA.

But the fact that someone like Gibo Tedoro, by accident or design, is running under the administration banner is good for the country. He appears to be a good person. I predict he will be graceful in defeat. He will not countenance any payoffs, savagery or skullduggery in order to gain the presidency. This doesn’t mean that those around him won’t resort to the usual foul maneuvers to gain the upper hand. Just that they won’t be as successful as they used to be simply because a vigilant electorate, incensed with the venality and shamelessness of the Arroyo administration, won’t allow them to get away with it this time.

Gibo and handlers are well aware of this. He has a personal stake in ensuring that this election will be honest and fair, as history will never forgive him should he be as depraved as the incumbent. He will know when he’s beat. And will concede without undue delay. And in doing so, restore our faith somewhat in our frayed democratic institutions. This is why Gibo matters. He can rise above himself, and in so doing be a winner even in defeat.

I have no objective basis for saying this. Just a gut feeling.

6 thoughts on “Why Gibo Matters”

  1. I do believe that he’s capable of running the country better than anybody else (well, his education and family background virtually tell us that he could). However, he would have to convince people that he’s no way like GMA. Let’s see if he’d be able to redeem himself from a dark stigma.

  2. I think Gibo is the wisest choice. Students at UP believe in Gibo as reflected in the latest mock polls held there. However, a lot of effort has to be made for him to get the top spot. While Noynoy’s popularity is slowly eroding, Gibo’s volunteers should focus more on doing one-on-one campaigning instead of bashing Noynoy supporters online.

  3. Came across this site while looking for what to do this Holy Week. Now I know. I will be reading all your entries AND hope I could read on local labor laws. I am in human resources, you see.

  4. I agree that he seems to be an upright gentleman. I would like to invite readers to participate in an online mock poll over at http://piclyf.com/vote Vote and write the reason. Our goal is to have a list of positive reasons to vote for every candidate. Its a poll made in the spirit of positivity like Gibo. 🙂

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