Imelda the brand

Imelda Marcos has finally come into her own as a fashion and lifestyle trendsetter. She launched a line of costume jewelry last Saturday which is considerably less “Imelfific” than what she used to collect during her heyday. Made of beads, buttons and various odds and ends sourced from her recent forays into Divisoria, the Imelda Collection promises interesting and one-of-a-kind pieces. The collection also includes gowns, handbags, shoes (!) and gewgaws with photographs of a much younger Mrs. Marcos. The items are as unique and gaudy as Imelda herself.

But what does Imelda the brand stand for ? It may be a tongue-in-cheek send-up of the extravagant lifestyle she was once famous for. The lady has a sense of humor and a talent for burlesque. She believes her image to be a marketable commodity and she may be right. Lately, her visage has been silkscreened on a number of trendy “retro” T-shirts.

Unfortunately for the masses, the Imelda Collection is not sold in stores and may be viewed by appointment only.

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